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Lucas TVS was established in 1962 as Joint Venture between Lucas Plc. UK and TVS Group, India. Lucas started operations in India from 1930 as Lucas Indian Service for providing warranty and aftersales service to many of the imported vehicles which carried Lucas parts. Initially with Starters, Dynamos and Distributor products, Lucas TVS, over the years, commenced providing complete system solutions in Auto Electricals, specialized motors for Air Compressors, Stop - Start systems, Engine Cooling modules, Ignition products, Diesel Fuel Injection systems etc. Lucas TVS develops and integrates their products in the vehicles and equipment, from the design stage onwards and carries out application engineering, development, manufacturing and service.Lucas TVS products find applications in Two/Three Wheelers, Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Tractors & Stationery Engines. Through export partners, Lucas TVS products are also integrated into some of the top global brands like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Rolls Royce, etc.

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WABCO INDIA LIMITED, WABCO India designs, manufactures and markets conventional braking products, advanced braking systems, and other related air assisted products and systems.

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WABCO believes this is a challenge that can be met. Our driver assistance technology, driver training capabilities and advanced safety systems for trucks, buses, trailers and off-highway vehicles are driving the industry forward, providing end-to-end solutions that bring zero-accident driving closer every day.

With Vehicle intelligence,Safer roads, improved fleet efficiency and greater comfort in the cab with WABCO technology with Solutions for Mobilizing Vehicle Intelligence

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    Introduction of Fleet Management System :

    GPS Fleet Tracking Is An All-In-One Management Solution That Lets You Monitor, Manage, And Recover Assets. By tracking your valuables, you can better manage and monitor their whereabouts, cutting down on wasted time or unnecessary fuel. Fleet Tracking reports are easy-to-read graphs that let you identify operational trouble spots and improve fleet management.

    Fleet Management System (FMS) is normally configured to be centrally located and is built to take advantage of available communication channels. It exhibits its full capabilities either through local user interfaces, locally accessible within and between Main Operating Bases or through web-based interfaces, allowing rapid no-cost deployment and global access to fleet plans and strategic options.

    Benefits Of Fleet Management System :
    Increased Productivity: Eliminate discrepancies between hours worked and hours claimed by drivers. Key vehicle management reports such as Location Report, Daily Report and Hours Worked Report give you control.
    Reduced Overtime: Eliminate false timesheet claims with detailed real time vehicle tracking that provides accurate start and stop times as well as recorded idling and extended stops. Time sheets are accurate to the minute!
    Lower Fuel Costs: Reduce your fuel bill with Vehicle Activity reports. Eliminate unapproved or any extended journeys.
    Reduced Private Use: Alerts will instantly flag any movement of the vehicle outside working hours.
    Faster Response Times: Deploy your vehicles with greater speed and efficiency and accurately predict arrival times or delays.
    Interactive map presents global disposition of fleet
    Reduced Private Use: Alerts will instantly flag any movement of the vehicle outside working hours.
    Faster Response Times: Deploy your vehicles with greater speed and efficiency and accurately predict arrival times or delays.
    Web Based Tracking and Mobile Tracking

    The company has grown significantly in the Indian commercial vehicle market.

    Vehicle Tracking System :


    VTS Software Features & Benefits :
    24×7 Tracking and Monitoring
    Vehicle Activity Tracking
    Event Alerts
    Fuel Sensor
    Temperature Monitor
    SMS Tracking
    RFID and Mobile Enabled
    Vehicle Immobilization



    WABCO's Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) prevents the wheel from locking during emergency braking situations and thereby helps commercial vehicle drivers to maintain stability of the vehicle. ABS also helps to bring a vehicle to a complete stop with the shortest possible stopping distance and in the safest possible way.

    Controls wheel slip to ensure vehicle stability and steerability during braking
    Wheel speed sensors automatically detect when a wheel is going to lock
    Intervenes automatically and adjusts the brake pressure accordingly
    Available for pneumatic and hydraulic braking systems with 12V or 24V application

    Benefits :
    Optimizes control of the vehicle during braking intervention
    Controls wheel slip of the vehicle or tractor/trailer combination to ensure stability and steerability during braking
    Prevents wheels from locking up when road friction is not sufficient to transmit braking forces
    Helps to avoid jack-knifing during braking maneuvers
    Helps to enhance braking effectiveness
    Helps to extend tire life
    Accident avoidance leads to reduced vehicle downtime, reduced vehicle repair cost, reduced cargo damage / loss
    Less accident management efforts enables fleets to focus on core business
    Supports unexperienced drivers to drive safe

    Application :
    Trucks,Buses and Trailers.




    WABCO’s OptiDrive technology automatically engages the vehicle’s clutch and gear shift actuation. It takes into account the driver’s operation, engine torque, vehicle load and road inclination, resulting in optimized gear shifting, which increases fuel economy up to 5 percent for trucks and buses in congested city traffic and on long hauls alike.

    WABCO’s AMT systems also free drivers from frequent shifting, reducing their stress and fatigue, while allowing drivers to further concentrate on traffic conditions. Optimized gear shifting improves driver effectiveness, particularly among less experienced drivers, and it enables more and better qualified drivers.



    ECAS is an electronically controlled air suspension system for vehicles and includes a large number of functions.

    Modular system for :

    Load monitoring
    Automatic pre-set level regulation, parallel to the road surface, including uneven loads
    Automatic traction control

    Benefits :
    Low air consumption
    Quick lift and lowering due to large nominal width of solenoid valves
    Easy to operate due to RCU (Remote Control Unit)
    CAN Bus capability
    High serviceability, concepts for diagnosis

    Application :
    Cars, trailers and trucks: heavy, medium, light.



    WABCO air processing products protect against water ingress and other pollutants, while intelligently managing compressor use and controlling regeneration.

    The Compact Air Processing Unit meets today's market need for a small, totally integrated APU solution offering multiple functionality and high performance. The air dryer and multi-circuit protection valve are combined in a single body that requires less space and reduces weight.

    Benfits :
    30% less width than standard APUs
    Cost savings through reduced installation time
    Lower maintenance cost with innovative solutions for extended cartridge life
    Optional functionality including pressure limiter to control 2 pressure levels



    WABCO offers a new Automatic Slack Adjuster portfolio to meet the needs of customers in most of their applications.

    WABCO’s EasyFit™ Automatic Slack Adjuster enables the transmission of power from the actuator to the S-cam shaft in drum brakes. On the basis of particular technical advancements, it supports a constant clearance between brake lining and drum, even under extreme temperature conditions.

    WABCO EasyFit is a new Automatic Slack Adjuster based on a clearance sensing principle Innovative WABCO adjuster design Force controlled adjustment system

    Benefits :
    Easy and failsafe installation due to optimized design
    Adaptable positioning of the control arm enables various installation positions
    Up to 25% time saving due to easy, accurate and quick fixation
    Maintenance-free due to lifetime lubrication
    Special sealing design extends lifetime of Slack Adjuster significantly

    Application :
    Medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles
    Buses and trailers. Heavy, medium and light duty trucks Buses Off-Highway

    EBCS-Electonically Controlled Braking System :

     Electronic Speed Governor / Electronic Speed Limiter is a micro-controller based electronic unit, which maintains the vehicle speed at the preset speed . The Product offers a variety of benefits to the fleet owners, drivers and passengers, viz:

    Better safety of all Road user by avoiding over-speeding.
    Increased Fuel Efficiency
    Automatic – Preventive rather than reactionary.
    Improved Operational Efficiency.
    Reduced strain on engines, thereby increasing the life of engines.

    Speed Governor consists of Three basic components :
    Electronic Control Unit (ECU).
    Fuel Control Valve / Actuator.
    Speed Sensor.

    The Advantages of Speed Governor :
    Increased Road Safety.
    Reduced strain on engines, thereby increasing the life of engines.
    Reduced fuel consumption.
    Reduced pollution & thus improved environment.
    Reduced maintenance cost for the vehicle owner(s).



    The reliable and proven single-piston technology has made WABCO’s PAN range one of the most successful air disc brake ranges. The compact design is based on the careful combination of FEM (Finite Element Method) calculations and patented single-piston technology. The result: significant vehicle weight improvement in all classes.

    Benefits :

    • Maximized payload due to light weight design
    • Compact design for easy axle adaptation
    • Excellent bad road resistance with Heat shielded piston boots
    • Encapsulated guiding system with stable metal sealing
    • Redundant sealing systems at pin guidance and adjuster device
    • Available with brake pad wear indicator.

      Applications :

    • Heavy commercial vehicles and All-Terrain-Crane Vehicles

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